Prevent HIV with Money

February 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Empowering young women is often a goal of most NGOs especially those working in the African context. It is important for the wellbeing of governments and developing economies for young women to be involved in this rebirth. An incredibly popular YouTube video argues that empowering girls is the secret ingredient to economic and human development; it is called the Girl Effect. The catchy title and the stylish way the idea is put forth is especially poignant.

The idea that girls are the center or secret ingredient to economic development is not far from the health sector in general. In fact, women have been shown to buy products that directly or indirectly leads to better health for the household they lead and many health programs have women as their central clients. A recent report, by the Economist, shows that economic empowerment of women and young girls serves to decrease the rate of HIV infection by almost half. This is amazing, that for between $1 and $10 for the families of young girls, half can cut HIV infection rate. This is simply mind-boggling. Read the report HERE. Jobs are the cure for many ailments including HIV.


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